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dw.com: New design, familiar content

Welcome to the new DW website!


With the redesign of the DW website and an update to the app, the way you access our content has changed.  

Our new, context-guided navigation is designed to make DW content more accessible to you through user-friendly digital platforms.  

After a beta phase to develop and test the new website, the classic version of DW pages has been switched off. The pages in the new look are now fully activated.  

What is new?  

As a DW user, you are at the center of our considerations. That's why:  

  • Our pages are always structured the same, regardless of the device you use to access them.  
  • Our pages are optimized for viewing on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. 
  • Our content is presented with a visual focus. 
  • Now you may get to better know our journalists who create the content for you.

Meanwhile, the development of the new DW pages continues. New, practical and exciting features are already in the pipeline!