DW Podcast Selection | Newsletters & Co. | DW | 10.12.2006
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Newsletters & Co.

DW Podcast Selection

The Deutsche Welle lets you get the radio news and features you want -- whenever you want to hear them.


Put together your own personal radio podcast and you can listen to them how ever and wherever you decide.

You can subscribe to the following programs:

podcastartikel goethe

Goethe's Erben: The Literature Magazine
A special kind of book review. Every Sunday the Deutsche Welle brings you 50 minutes of literary entertainment. This program is in German only.

Podcasting Feed (German):
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podcastartikel inside europe

Inside Europe: The European Radio Weekly
Inside Europe is a one hour, weekly news magazine that explores the current events shaping the continent. The program includes a European newscast, interviews with newsmakers and personalities, background features and cultural reports from correspondents throughout the region. The program is produced every Thursday.

Podcasting Feed (English):
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podcastartikel newslink plus

Newslink Plus
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe

Podcasting Feed (English):
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podcastartikel living planet

Living Planet
A weekly look at the environmental topics facing Europe and the world from DW-RADIO's English service.

Podcasting Feed (English):
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podcastartikel inspired minds

Inspired Minds
Inspired Minds brings portraits of many of the world's great thinkers directly to your MP3 player.

Podcasting Feed (English):
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Learn German with podcasting!

podcastartikel langsam gesprochen nachrichten

Slowly spoken news
This is where you'll find a daily news report read slowly and clearly to help you learn German.

Podcasting Feed (German):

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podcastartikel sprachbar

The Sprachbar describes everything from the new words and expressions showing up in the German press and literary quotes to common German sayings and grammar.

Podcasting Feed (German):
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Conditions of Use
Deutsche Welle provides this podcast service free of charge for personal use only. The downloaded files are for personal use only. The files may not be copied, manipulated or altered in any way; nor may they be published in any form of media. Commercial use of the files is strictly prohibited, as is the sale or use of the files for advertisement purposes. Deutsche Welle is not responsible for the loss of data or any possible damage resulting from the downloading of the audio files. Enjoy listening!

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