DW launches new TV-travel-guide | DW Travel | DW | 02.05.2016
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DW launches new TV-travel-guide

Check-in - The Travel Guide, is Deutsche Welle’s new travel show! Whether it’s Munich, the North Sea or Berlin - presenter Nicole Frölich explores cities and regions all over Germany.

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Check-in, the New DW travel guide

Check-in kicks off on 7 May at Germa­ny’s biggest airport in Frankfurt. From here, Nicole Frölich begins her discovery of the bustling metropolis. Frankfurt is a city in flux: while the old center is undergoing a revamp, new skyscrapers dominate the dramatic skyline. It’s even possible to run vertically down a skyscraper façade - a new trend known as “house running.” An exhilarating adventure – for Nicole Frölich too!

Nicole in der Kletterhalle Magic Mountain

Nicole Frölich

Check-in is also on the lookout for ad­ventures outside Germany: travel blogger Steve Hänisch is touring all the world’s con­tinents. In the “Globetrotter” segment he reports from Newfound­land, Ecuador and the Finnish tundra. Plus: each edition of Check-in features a video from a viewer of their favorite travel destination. Check-in succeeds the travel show Discover Germany, which has been broad­cast since early 2007.

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