DW (Europe) | Receiving Deutsche Welle′s TV programming in your area | DW | 03.02.2012
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DW (Europe)

DW viewers in Europe enjoy 18 hours of English language programming every day, with another 6 hours of German split up between early and late prime-time slots.

We offer the full gamut of viewing options ranging from news and information to business, talk shows and entertainment.

Hourly news programs are the foundation of DW’s programming. Tune in every hour on the hour to find out what is going on in Germany and Europe, follow political and economic developments around the world and gain insight into the latest in culture and sports.

DW also brings you business news and analysis from global markets, including what’s going on in companies large and small and on the labor markets.

DW talk shows address issues and debates in depth. Join us as we speak to decision-makers and personalities who make the news and shape society.

Our well-researched magazine formats offer insights into a multitude of issues and topics, from everyday life to visions of how we will live in the future.

For music lovers DW has something very special: concerts recorded live. Enjoy international stars and their gripping performances every weekend.

Travel around the globe with DW. Elaborately produced documentaries report from every corner of the world, bring you a little closer to places far away.

Tune in to DW for incisive analysis of the stories behind the headlines – grasp what’s going on globally, with DW.