DW Business Beyond — going beyond the headlines | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 29.06.2021
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DW Business Beyond — going beyond the headlines

DW's new video series offers deep dives into the most relevant cross-border business stories of today, guiding you through trade conflicts, supply chain challenges, global labor issues and the battle for tech dominance.

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DW Business Beyond — going beyond the headlines

The Chinese government is tightening its regulatory grip around its tech titans — most famously, for Alibaba and its charismatic founder Jack Ma. That’s after more than 20 years of transforming the country’s digital economy.

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Business Beyond: How China is tightening control of its tech companies

The former Trump administration in the US lauched quite a number of trade spats, not just with China. To what extent is that policy likely to change on Joe Biden's watch?

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Business Beyond: Will the Biden administration end all trade wars?

As airlines prepare to get fully off the ground again after a painful pandemic, ther aviation industry sees a new battle of small vs. big and slow vs. fast.

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Business Beyond: Aviation sees a new battle in the skies

The recent blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given disrupted global trade flows. What has the incident taught us about the maritime sector?

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Business Beyond: Shipping is no plain sailing

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is meant to carry gas from Russia to the EU, including Germany. But some in the West are afraid of an even higher dependence on Russian resources. How justified are these fears?

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Business Beyond: Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as controversial as ever

The recent shortage of microchips has affected a lot of industries around the globe, not just the automotive sector. DW explores what has caused the shortfall and what lessons can be drawn going forward.

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Business Beyond: Chip shortage impacts global production

November 2022 will see the World Cup in Qatar. There's a huge construction program underway in the country, and it's a very controversial one. DW takes a closer look.

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Business Beyond: Qatar's controversial construction program

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