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Image Media Training (photo: DW Akademie).

Workshops. Coaching. Consulting.

Watch video 00:57

Training: Rudolf Schwenk

Leading members of staff of different UN organizations took part in an intensive media training in Bonn, organized by DW Akademie.  

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Training: Rudolf Schwenk

Training: Rudolf Schwenk

DW Akademie Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace: an editorial team with a mission

From our trainings

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Media training: Love speech, not hate speech

Can religion be an antidote against hate speech, propaganda and desinformation? 14 representatives of religious organizations from throughout Asia discussed this question in a media training, organized by DW Akademie.  

Daniela Wiesler, Head of media training, DW Akademie (photo: Stefan Lemanski).

Daniela Wiesler-Schnalke

Head, Media Training

T: +49.228.429-3505

 Nina Fröhling - Neue Mitarbeiterin (DW)

Nina Fröhling

Office and registration

T: +49.228.429-3505