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Image Media Training (photo: DW Akademie).

Workshops. Coaching. Consulting.

Watch video 03:27

Religions for Peace: an editorial team with a mission

Eight young delegates of the Religions for Peace World Assembly 2019 in Lindau reported on the conference for social media. They were trained by DW Akademie.  

From our trainings

Watch video 02:12

Media training: Love speech, not hate speech

Can religion be an antidote against hate speech, propaganda and desinformation? 14 representatives of religious organizations from throughout Asia discussed this question in a media training, organized by DW Akademie.  

Daniela Wiesler, Head of media training, DW Akademie (photo: Stefan Lemanski).

Daniela Wiesler-Schnalke

Head, Media Training

T: +49.228.429-3505

 Nina Fröhling - Neue Mitarbeiterin (DW)

Nina Fröhling

Office and registration

T: +49.228.429-3505