DW-AKADEMIE | October 2010 | Newsletter | DW | 14.10.2010
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DW-AKADEMIE | October 2010

Overview of DW-AKADEMIE's current international media development projects.

Afghanistan, Kabul
Children’s television for Pashtun areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A workshop for editors and hosts from Shamshad TV.

Afghanistan, Kabul
Learning by Ear – Afghanistan. Radio training during production.

Bahrain, Manama
Women’s Football: Arab Women TV Reporters Tell the Stories. Production workshop covering the "Women's Football Cup ARABIA 2010" in Bahrain.

Bolivia, various locations
Consulting at local radio stations. A DW-AKADEMIE consulting project in cooperation with the La Paz German Development Service (DED) office for Radio Aclo in Potosí, Radio Santa Cruz/IRFA in Santa Cruz and Radio Juan XXIII in San Ignacio de Velasco. Continuation from September 2010.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Investigative Journalism and Ethical Standards. Workshop for television, radio, newspaper and online journalists from state, public and private media organizations.

Damascus, Syria
Workshop on TV news planning at Addounia TV.

Ecuador, Quito
Organization consulting for management; journalism training for editors at the ECTV state broadcaster.

Kenya, Nairobi
FilmAfrica! Feature film workshops and production of a 90 minute feature film; in cooperation with the German film maker, Tom Tykwer.

Kosovo, Pristina
Investigative Journalism and Ethical Standards. Workshop for television, radio, newspaper and online journalists from state, public and private media organizations.

Liberia, Monrovia
Star Radio in-house training for online journalists; workshop for management.

Managua, Nicaragua
Workshop on quality television journalism.

Mexico, various locations
Television training and workshops.

Moldova, Chisinau
Europe’s Future: Political Reporting. Production workshop for radio and television editors from participating stations in Moldova, Romania and Serbia. In cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Montenegro, Podgorica
Investigative Journalism and Ethical Standards, Part Two. For radio, television and online journalists.

Nepal, Kathmandu
Tape restoration workshop. For archivists, technicians and engineers tasked with restoring Radio Nepal’s historical analog audio tapes.

Pakistan, Islamabad
Training and workshops for public broadcasting corporations.

Peru, Lima
Radio journalism workshop as part of the GTZ regional project “Prevention of violence against women in Latin America, with a focus on rural and indigenous women”.

Russia, Chabarovsk
Strengthening Independent Media: Environmental Reporting. Production workshop for radio editors from partner stations in eastern Russia. In cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Serbia, Novi Pazar
Europe’s Future: Reporting on Current Affairs. Workshop for online editors from partner stations in Serbia and other south-eastern European countries, and for editors from online information services in the region. In cooperation with the OSCE.

Sierra Leone, Freetown
Journalism workshop for online news. In-house training for staff from the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation as it changes from being a state to a public broadcaster.

Turkey, Istanbul
Management training and workshops on journalism standards.

Ukraine, Donetsk / Lemberg / Simferopol
Local Reporting. In-house training for journalists and technical staff from private and state radio and television stations.

Vietnam, Hanoi
Workshop on television reporting.

Yemen, Sanaa
Safeguarding Archive Stocks: Quality Criteria for Archive Transfers. Participants are radio and television archivists from Yemen’s state broadcaster. Partner organization is the Mass Communication Qualifying and Training Institute (MCTQI).