DW-AKADEMIE | November 2010 | Newsletter | DW | 12.11.2010
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DW-AKADEMIE | November 2010

Overview of DW-AKADEMIE's current international media development projects.

Afghanistan, Kabul
Construction Reporting, Part 5 of 5. Participants are journalists from radio stations in Afghanistan taking part in the DW-RADIO project, “Reconstruction Magazine”.

Afghanistan, Mazar-e-Sharif
Construction Reporting, Part 2 of 5. Participants are journalists from radio stations in Afghanistan taking part in the DW-RADIO project, “Reconstruction Magazine”.

Argentina, Buenos Aires
AMARC 2010 – Radio Comunitarias and Social Media. Radio conference by the “Radios Comunitarias” umbrella organization. Alumni meeting and three-day open workshop focusing on local media and social media.

Brazil, Manaus
Environmental Journalism. Workshop for radio journalists from community and local radio stations in the Amazon region. In cooperation with the Amazonas Radio Network.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Train the Trainer. Workshop for employees from Bangladesh Betar and Pathsala South Asian Media Academy.

Egypt, Cairo
News Story Production. Workshop for television journalists.

El Salvador, San Salvador
Television Training. Workshop for television journalists.

Germany, Berlin and Bonn, et al.
Investigative Journalism and Ethical Standards – Reporting on Germany. Production workshop for television, radio, newspaper and online journalists from state, public and private media in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia.

Germany, Berlin and Bonn
Journalism Standards – Reporting on Germany. Workshop for participants from previous radio, television and online projects in Central Asia.

Germany, Bonn
Transforming MNB. Developing the Mongolian National Broadcaster as it changes from a state to public service organization. Coaching for the state broadcaster’s management and broadcasting board, and for editors, technicians and those responsible for programming.

Germany, Bonn
Media Management for Female Executives. Workshop for female executives at broadcasting stations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Guatemala, Guatemala City
Youth Radio. Participants are staff from radio stations, youth projects, young journalists with radio and online experience, and NGO staff working on youth topics. In cooperation with the community radio station umbrella organization, FGER, and the commercial radio station association, Grupo Nuevo Mundo. to a workshop held in August 2010.

Columbia, Barranquilla
Local Television – Cultural Identity and Business TV, Part 2. Participants are journalists and managerial staff at local stations. In cooperation with the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla. Follow-up to a workshop held in August 2010.

Columbia, Cartagena
Europe and Latin America – Turning Away or Getting Closer? Media dialogue on Latin America. Conference for high-ranking Latin American journalists from various countries and German journalists focusing on Latin America. Together with the Fundacíon Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI).

Kenya, Nairobi
DW-AKADEMIE alumni conference for all former radio, television and online DW-AKADEMIE workshop participants. In cooperation with the regional organization East African Community (EAC).

Laos, Vientiane
Supporting the Faculty of Mass Communication at Lao National University. Workshop participants are lecturers and students of Mass Communications studies at the Lao National University. Follow-up to a workshop held in September 2010.

Malawi, Blantyre
Train the Trainer. Twelve participants from radio and television stations active in training or planning to be.

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Planning of modern television studio facilities. Workshop for engineers and technicians in the planning and maintenance of television studio facilities. Partner organization is the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

Nepal, Kathmandu
Current Affairs Reporting. Participants are producers, reporters, camera technicians, sound engineers and video editors from various Nepalese television stations involved in producing television reports for news or magazine programs. In cooperation with the Television Journalist Association of Nepal (TVJ).

Nicaragua, Managua
Youth Television. Workshop for twelve journalists from local TV stations in various regions in the country.

Nigeria, Abuja
Access to Finance. Finance reporting workshop for staff from state and private radio stations. In cooperation with the GTZ.

Peru, Lima
“Countering Violence Against Women”. National journalism radio workshop within GTZ’s regional project “Fighting Violence Against Women in Latin America With a Focus on Rural and Indigenous Women”. Follow-up to a workshop held in October 2010.

Sierra Leone, Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Makeni
Coaching and in-house training for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). Participants are editors and hosts of news, business and youth desks, and regional correspondents and technicians. Consolidation of results from previous trainings and on-the-job consultation.

South Sudan, Juba
Political Participation and Media Skills for Civil Society Actors. Radio workshop for 20 PR employees from civil society groups and local administrations in South Sudanese regions and the South Sudanese capital, Juba. Together with the GTZ office in Juba.

South Sudan, Juba
Modern Radio Formats: News and Interactive Broadcasts. Workshop for 20 reporters and editors from South Sudanese regions and the capital, Juba. Together with the GTZ office in Juba.

Syria, Aleppo
New Formats for Business and Environmental Reporting – Local News Online. Workshop for freelancers and staff at various Syrian online media. Together with the Goethe Institute.

Syria, Damascus
Citizen-Oriented Radio – Interactive Youth Formats. Workshop and coaching-on-the-job for editors and hosts of call-in programs at the state Syrian broadcaster, SRTV.

Vietnam, Hanoi
Media Dialogue Vietnam – Climate Protection. Four-day conference for German and Vietnamese journalists on “Reporting on Climate Protection”. Organized by DW-AKADEMIE and the GTZ.