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DW Akademie: New programs for journalists from India and Nicaragua

July 11, 2012

The DW Akademie is offering Indian journalists a fellowship to learn more about reporting on Germany, and the Akademie has partnered with a Nicaraguan university to train multimedia journalists on environmental issues.

Participants in the DW Akademie program in Nicaragua
Image: DW Akademie/Charlotte Hauswedell

In partnership with the Robert Bosch Foundation, DW Akademie will host a select group of Indian journalists in Germany from September 10 to October 26, 2012. The project aims to support participants in providing authentic and extensive coverage of Germany and to offer participants valuable background knowledge for reporting on Indian-German issues.

Journalists selected for the program will receive intercultural and journalistic training, as well as insight into Deutsche Welle's multimedia editorial teams. The participants will also work on producing a multimedia project that focuses on sustainability.

DW Akademie will carry the costs for the course, airfare, travel expenses, accommodation and health insurance.

Follow the link below for more information on the application process.

Environmental reporting in Nicaragua

At the Universidad de Managua, 17 Nicaraguan journalists are taking part in a new degree program initiated by the DW Akademie. The goal of the program is developing local journalists' expertise in reporting on one of the country's most pressing issues: environmental pollution and its associated problems.

The degree program encompasses five modules spread over six months, and the first two-week module was held in June. Participants will learn the basics of environmental journalism, journalism ethics and technical skills. A central aspect of the program is encouraging journalists in Nicaragua to work with multimedia tools.

"It's important to take advantage of these opportunities. With a blog and minimal technical effort you can be in touch with audiences all over the world," said DW Akademie trainer Steffen Leidel.

The degree program is the first of its kind in Central America.