Dutch Grass Prepares for German Trip | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 07.05.2006
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Dutch Grass Prepares for German Trip

Poa pratensis is the one kind of grass German border officials won't have a problem waving through customs gates on its journey from Holland to seven of Germany's 12 World Cup stadiums.

Employees at a Dutch farm began preparing to harvest and transport the grass that will have the honor of being torn up by the world's best soccer players from June to July 9.

Turf manufacturer Hendriks Graszoden, however, has kept the grass' exact location a closely guarded secret ever since the German media went into a furor over the fact that their stadium's turf was being grown by arch soccer nemesis Holland.

"It was a big shock in Germany, with German papers saying 'we've lost already if we have to play on Dutch grass,'" John Hendriks, one of four brothers managing the grass growing business told Reuters.

To keep the grass cool, it will be transported overnight in refrigerated trucks and rolled out as quickly as possible. How much each stadium pays for the new turf is a secret FIFA is keeping as secret as where the future World Cup fields are located.

"The Germans also have good grass but the stadiums we are supplying are long-standing customers and they have confidence in our company," a Graszoden spokesperson said. "Dutch grass is just that one bit better."

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