Drugs And Substance Abuse | Learning by Ear | DW | 13.04.2012

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Learning by Ear

Drugs And Substance Abuse

Cannabis, cocaine, opiate or amphetamines – the number of drug addicts in Africa increased frighteningly in the last years. This series shows us how easy it is to get into drugs and what destructive impact it has.

Learning by Ear – Drugs and substance abuse

Drugs are nothing new to the African society: The East African drug Khat has long been part of the tradition and in South Africa consumption of Cannabis is a cultural and traditional part of the society. But with raising poverty, the collapse of traditional social structure, migrating workers, and the urban exodus drug consumption is getting out of control. Strong drugs are being used more – especially in the slums of big cities. Also, thanks to easier distribution and heavy advertisement, more and more people get addicted to alcohol and cigarettes.

The implications for societies are disastrous. Our gripping radio drama illustrates that with the example of the youngsters Jabali, Zula and Okosho, who are confronted with drug abuse and soon learn their painful lesson. But the extend of the story will go far beyond our three friends, as it turns out that even high government officials are involved into a drug smuggling scandal.

Deutsche Welle’s Learning by Ear is available in six languages: English, Kiswahili, French, Hausa, Portuguese and Amharic.

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