Dossier: Africa - successes, strategies and challenges | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 09.04.2010
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Dossier: Africa - successes, strategies and challenges

Africa has moved in a positive direction regarding development over the past few years, although challenges remain. Deutsche Welle takes a look


Long confronted with seemingly insurmountable problems - both political and economic - the continent of Africa has shown development tendencies in the last few years that have analysts expressing cautious optimism.

The rest of the world seems to have discovered the continent's potential, and countries around the world, especially emerging nations such as Brazil and China, are increasing their involvement and investment in Africa.

But old problems can be stubborn, and challenges such as the use of international aid, democratic deficits, corruption and cronyism still plague many countries. Deutsche Welle takes an up-close look at a whole spectrum of issues facing this continent in transition.

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