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Dorothee Grüner
Image: Stephanie Englert/DW

Dorothee Grüner

Reporter and editor with special focus on digital technology, society and news. 

Dorothee has been with DW since 2005. She has been working for formats like Shift, Euromaxx, In Good Shape, Clipmania and the German news show Der Tag. She is also contributing to DW’s social media accounts. 

Currently, Dorothee is planning and producing shows for Shift as an editor and is also working as a reporter for the format. She is interested in finding out how digitalization is influencing people’s lives around the world and how technologies like AI and robots are shaping our societies.   

Dorothee studied science of communication, politics, and psychology at the University of Münster and the Free University of Amsterdam. Throughout her studies, she worked as a freelance reporter for a regional German newspaper. Dorothee also did various internships at television networks and newspapers.  

She graduated from journalism school Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS).