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Dont drink the milk Teaser

Don't Drink the Milk

The podcast packed with history, culture, travel – and a touch of controversy

Take a look around you. Pick an object. What's its story? Where did it come from? How did it change as it traveled through different cultures and eras on its way to you? Join host Rachel Stewart to find out. 

In each episode of Don't Drink the Milk, we hit the road to trace the unexpected backstories of everyday things – things that have traveled the world, by force, by chance, or by choice. 

We follow the journey of each item or idea and see what surprising truths its story reveals about our world today. Fancy joining this intriguing journey through time and around the globe? Just hit subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Podcast host Rachel Stewart in the studio
Image: Cem Springer/DW

The Host 

As the host of DW's hugely popular YouTube show "Meet the Germans," Rachel Stewart reached millions of viewers worldwide with her unique presentation of German culture, history, and people. Now, Rachel's knack for packaging facts and information into entertaining, personal stories comes to your earbuds, as she ventures further afield in search of juicy stories that link the past with the present, and Europe with the world. 

The Team 

Rachel is joined by a team of experienced producers including Sam Baker, Charli Shield, and Chris Caurla, who help her tell the quirky and eyebrow-raising stories of each episode.

Binge the first season now! And catch Don't Drink the Milk video content on the DW Podcasts YouTube channel.