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Dogs of Venice model for new photography book

October 24, 2016

The book "The Dogs of Venice" offers an original perspective of the romantic Italian city through photos of its real inhabitants with their four-legged friends.

Picture from book 'Die Hunde von Venedig' by Ortner and Puiu
Image: Luiza Puiu

Anyone who owns a dog automatically experiences life in the city differently. These animals need to be walked every day, no matter whether it's raining or freezing.

Venetians have found a solution to make sure their pets do not freeze outside during the humid winter months: They dress them up. The elegant suits of these dogs reveal a lot about the fashion sense and the extravagance of their owners.

Cover Buch „Die Hunde von Venedig“ von Ortner und Puiu
The cover of the book, published in GermanImage: Luiza Puiu

Adorable and charming, the four-legged fashion icons featured in the book "Die Hunde von Venedig" (The Dogs of Venice) reveal details of everyday life in the City of Bridges. The dogs were found enjoying a break in the various cafes, shops and markets of the city. Many popular tourist highlights can also be recognized in the pictures along the way.

The authors themselves have little to do with dogs. The journalist Christian Ortner finds that it would be inconvenient to have one in his city apartment in Vienna and the photographer Luiza Puiu says she is even afraid of them - although meeting hundreds of dogs for this project apparently rid her of her phobia.

"Die Hunde von Venedig" by Christian Ortner and Luiza Puiu, published by Edition a, hit bookstores in Germany on October 22.