Dirk Jacobs, Journalist | guest list | DW | 26.04.2013
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guest list

Dirk Jacobs, Journalist

Dirk Jacobs works as a TV presenter, sports reporter and editor at three different TV stations. His areas of expertise include sport, international politics and contemporary German society.

So there’s plenty to discuss with him on the latest edition of “Talking Germany.”

Dirk Jacobs was born in Dortmund in 1970.  After finishing school he studied economics in Berlin and began working as a sports reporter for ZDF. It was there that he got his first experience on camera. In 2001, he started working as a news anchor at DWTV and was thrown in the deep end, covering  the events of 9/11. A father of three, Dirk juggles his professional responsibilities with a busy personal life,. He’s also a keen basketball player and recently wrote his first song. His dream is toperform it at the Cologne Carnival!

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