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Bulgaria becomes hub for digital nomads

November 23, 2022

More and more people enjoy traveling the world while working remotely — as digital nomads. And an increasing number of them are now flocking to Bansko, a small town in the Bulgarian mountains.


Bansko is now believed to have more co-working spaces per capita than pretty much any other place in the world. The town, which boasts some 9,000 inhabitants, is a two-hour drive from the capital, Sofia, and is a popular tourist destination thanks to its ski slopes and hiking paths.

In 2016, a German software designer and his friend opened the first co-working space here. Since then, they've expanded and set up other spaces too. Today, there’s more than half a dozen large co-working spaces, as well as an annual festival for digital nomads that draws hundreds of visitors. 

While some just stay for a few weeks or months, others choose to stay much longer, and some are even buying property in the town.

Author: Nicole Graaf
Presenter: Neil King 
Producer/host Anke Rasper 

Anke Rasper
Anke Rasper Anke is a senior editor with DW's environment team.
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