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Deutsche Welle sets itself apart from the competition with new corporate design

January 31, 2012

The new corporate design at Germany’s international broadcaster represents “an essential investment for a successful presence in international media”, Director General Erik Bettermann told journalists in Berlin.

The new logo
The new logo

Along with the new television program and the completely redesigned website, DW will be creating a unified brand identity with a new corporate design starting February 6, 2012. “The new corporate design gives DW a distinctive presence among the competition,” said Director General Erik Bettermann at a press conference in Berlin on January 31. “Germany needs a strong voice in the world,” said Bettermann. “To be recognized among the choir of international broadcasters, this voice needs to have a unique tone.” Bettermann said more and more countries are looking for attention in the battle for opinions around the globe. “With this in mind, the new corporate design is an essential investment for a successful presence in the international media industry.”

The number of national and international news providers is increasing, as is the number of available platforms and distribution channels. This increased competition requires an all-encompassing concept to ensure that an organization is quickly recognized and hard to forget – and that applies to television and websites, as well as for social media platforms and mobile devices.  

Deutsche Welle’s new corporate identity makes this possible. In the future, the organization will be represented by a logo that reflects all of its services – around the world and in every language. “DW” will simultaneously represent television, radio and online services and replace the trio of subsidiary brands previously in use: DW-TV, DW-RADIO and DW-WORLD.DE.

“This will unite DW’s multimedia presence and make it easier for consumers and partners to recognize Germany’s international broadcaster,” said Bettermann. “The visual simplification and improved visibility will also help in the evaluation process that is required of our journalistic services.”

Neues Logo DW
Image: DW

The quality of the journalistic content is what DW is known for – and Bettermann believes that is what the “information seekers” that DW appeals to are counting on around the world. “It’s about getting their attention,” he said. “But we don’t need to just fulfill their content requirements. The image – the packaging – has to be unique in the industry.”

Just like the new Internet address – www.dw.de – the new corporate design is the logical extension of a simplified market strategy. It’s an important step into the future – with refreshing colors, distinguished typography, a uniform audio layout and a new design concept. “After more than 10 years with the previous design, the new corporate design offers the required latitude for presenting Deutsche Welle – on all platforms and on all continents around the world,” said Bettermann. 

The Director General pointed out that the entire branding process, including the new logo as the most recognizable element, was developed by an internal project team. The implementation of the new corporate design will occur over time as new materials need to be replaced. Bettermann noted that many materials and images needed to be redesigned with the introduction of the new television program, which has kept down additional spending.

January 31, 2012