Deutsche Welle launches multimedia project ″Power to the People″ | Press Releases | DW | 04.06.2013
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Press Releases

Deutsche Welle launches multimedia project "Power to the People"

Young activists from various countries are the focus of the multimedia project "Power to the People." Recently launched by DW, it centers on democracy and encourages debate about political participation.

DW accompanied young people from various countries, including Egypt, Russia and the US, in their political activism work and introduces them in video portraits. Several essays by famous authors and publicists are included in the multimedia project with the aim of stimulating debate on Facebook, Twitter (#dwdemocracy) and other social networks. Interactive diagrams provide further information and answer questions about democratic and civic rights.

"The activists' demands and the symbolism they use vary from country to country, but most of them are young people who want to fight for their democratic rights. They want to contribute in their own ways to determining their countries' future," said DW Director General Erik Bettermann. He added that "Power to the People," as an interactive and multimedia project, takes a look at the big questions surrounding the future of political participation. "People all over the world are demanding change - this includes the various protest movements that have formed in recent years,” Bettermann commented.

The project has its origins in a media partnership with the Goethe Institut and a jointly organized series of events entitled Mapping Democracy. As well as in English, "Power to the People" is available in Arabic, German, Portuguese for Brazil, Russian and Ukrainian. Some content from the project is also available in other languages.

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