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DW: Interactive web special on climate change and health

January 21, 2021

A new environmental web special explains the effects of climate change on people’s health. The interactive website is available in English, Spanish and German. The web special is optimized for mobile devices.

Indien Global Ideas Webspecial | Bihar
Image: Catherine Davison/DW

"The connection between the climate crisis and human health is becoming increasingly relevant, especially in our target regions, where the consequences of global warming are being felt," says DW Head of Environment Vanessa Fischer.

For the web special, which was created as part of the DW Global Ideas project, editors visited the boy Philtino in South Africa, who only knows drought, and the girl Shivday, who lives in a frequently flooded region in India. "With a mix of videos, photos and articles, we show how weather extremes impact children's everyday lives and health," say DW editors Jennifer Collins and Inga Sieg.

Using data and background information, the DW Environment editors and DW’s design team developed a “body map.” It shows which organs are particularly affected by climate change, such as extreme temperatures, water shortages or air pollution.