Culture Jungle | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 02.03.2011
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Culture Jungle

A Guided Tour

Few countries boast such a diverse and complex cultural landscape as Germany does. Countless museums, galleries, stages, concert halls and festivals offer a staggering and often confusing array of attractions. The burgeoning arts scene is what attracts many foreign visitors to Germany. But it is often very difficult to navigate once you are here, there is just so much going on at once. What you need is a guide through "Germany's Culture Jungle." In 2011 Arts.21 will be your scout and show you the ropes in ten steps

How to Recognize Art

25.01.2011 DW-TV Kultur.21 Dschungelkultur Folge 1 Küche

The colorful and complex world of contemporary art can be overwhelming. In the modern era, the concept of art has grown and expanded -- everything can be considered art, even an empty surface , a pile of rubbish or ... a kitchen.

Is Techno the Classical Music of the 21st Century?

25.01.2011 DW-TV Kultur.21 Dschungelkultur Folge 2 Techno

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a dynamic new sound was pumping out of derelict factory buildings in the east of the city. Ravers flocked to the German capital and their thumping, booming music took the world by storm. So is Techno set to become part of the musical canon?

Green Architecture From Germany

23.02.2011 DW-TV Kultur.21 Al Shama Stadio Katar

The architects themselves might not necessarily be well-known, but German architecture is a successful export - and getting more popular all the time. The emphasis is on sustainability and environmentally-friendly solutions: Albert Speer, for example, is currently developing a football stadium in Qatar, while Carsten Wiewiorra specializes in recycling highrise buildings. LAVA in Stuttgart, meanwhile, develops mobile hotel rooms.

Why museums are where it's at

02.03.2011 DW-TV Kultur.21 Museum fü Kommunikation Berlin

These days, the appeal of museums isn't restricted to their exhibitions. Often, exhibits are overshadowed by the actual buildings. Top architects vye for the priviliege of designing new museums, and major events such as the 'Long Night of Musuems' in Berlin attract thousands of visitors. ARTS.21 spoke to an expert on architectural history and a philosopher about why museums have become so exciting.

What exactly is fashion?

09.07.2011 DW-TV Kultur.21 Kulturdschungel Mode03

This week is Berlin Fashion Week and the word ‘fashion’ is on everybody’s lips. But what exactly is fashion? Why were our jeans skinny last year and flared the year before? Why is a black dress sometimes a no-go and a white dress a must? In our series ‘the Culture Jungle’ we try and pin down what exactly constitutes ‘fashion’.

What is good art?

30.07.2011 kultur 21 Guter Geschmack

Who defines whether art is beautiful or just plain ugly? Determining whether art is good or bad is difficult, because everyone has their own tastes. Artists make things even more confusing by playing with clichés in their work. The viewer is often unsure how to interpret the art. Our “Culture Jungle” series looks at what is currently considered good taste in the Western art scene.

Why German forests are a myth?

27.08.2011 DW-TV KULTUR.21 Mythos Wald

The forest plays an important role in the German psyche. Where does this intense love of trees and foliage come from? This time in our series "Germany's Culture Jungle" we try to shine light in the darkness of the underbrush, taking a look at everything from the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm and the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich to modern-day German culture.

What Counts as World Literature?

24.09.2011 DW-TV Kultur 21 Weltliteratur

Most authors dream of writing world literature. But what is that exactly? Books that are sold around the globe? Then the Harry Potter novels would count as world literature. What about works that please critics the world over? Or does jury of the Nobel Prize for Literature need to make the decision? In the run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair, we explore this question in our series "Germany's Culture Jungle". We consult Nobel-prize winning author Günter Grass, New Zealand's slam poet Courtney Meredith, as well as the senior editor of literary publishing house Suhrkamp.

Is Street Art Growing Up?

21.05.2011 DW-TV hin & weg Überblick Berlin Streetart

Urban art is an integral part of modern cityscapes, be it in Berlin, New York or Cairo. The artists often work illegally and outside the mainstream. Some see their work as edgy and intriguing, others as vandalism. In our series we ask whether urban art deserves its own place in today's museums or whether it should stay on the streets.

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