Croatia′s president calls for dissolution of parliament | News | DW | 17.06.2016
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Croatia's president calls for dissolution of parliament

The president has urged parliament to pave the way for snap elections after the government fell. Croatia's technocrat premier lost a no-confidence vote launched by the two parties that backed him.

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic on Friday urged parliament to dissolve itself "as soon as possible," which would pave the way for early elections after the government fell in a no-confidence vote.

"I appeal to parliament Speaker Zeljko Suster to schedule a debate on the dissolution as soon as possible," the president said in a televised speech.

Kitarovic said she had met with all of Croatia's major parties to discuss a path forward from the political impasse, but no party had sufficient support for a coalition government.

"They also said their wish is to have an election in early September, which I will take into account," Kitarovic said.

Earlier this month, technocrat Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, who was backed by the conservative Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and reformist Most (Bridge) parties, called on the parties' leaders to step down.

Opposition lawmakers accused HDZ chief Tomislav Karamarko of corruption and misuse of power after his wife received 60,000 euros ($67,500) from a Hungarian lobby group.

Instead, the HDZ and Most launched a no-confidence motion, effectively toppling Oreskovic and his government in a 125-15 vote.

Croatia's lawmakers are expected to decide on Monday whether to dissolve the government.

The political impasse has stalled much-needed economic reform legislation in the EU's latest member state, which joined the bloc in 2013.

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