Concert program: World Youth Choir | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 05.08.2009
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Concert program: World Youth Choir

Young singers from over 30 nationalities and cultures join the World Youth Choir for one month each summer. Deutsche Welle presents a concert - free for download - from their 2009 tour through Europe.

Sheet music and play symbol

Word Youth Choir Concert

Trinitatis Church, Bonn

Click on the links below to listen to or download the complete concert.

Part one:

Robert Schumann: "Im Walde," Op. 75 Nr. 7

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: "Abschied vom Walde," Op. 59

Josep Vila i Casanas: Salve Regina

Aaron Copland: In the beginning

Johan Duick: Cantiones sacrae in honorem Thomas Tallis

Gyorgy Orban: Stabat mater

Part two:

Ana Maria Raga: Entre pemones y waraos

Antonio Estevez: Mata del anima sola

Beatriz Bilbao: Fiesta de San Juan

Otilio Galindez (Arr. Alberto Grau): Caramba

Astor Piazzola (Arr. Oscar Escalada): Primavera portena

Rene Banos (Arr. Ana Maria Raga): Una forma mas

Antonio Estevez (Arr. Freddy Lafont): Pa'l bailador

Consuelo Velazques (Arr. Alberto Grau): Besame Mucho

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