Closing the Digital Divide - Computer and Internet Use in Africa | Learning by Ear | DW | 02.06.2008
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Learning by Ear

Closing the Digital Divide - Computer and Internet Use in Africa

The digital divide isn’t history yet, but Africa is catching up quickly. Cyber cafés are connecting towns and cities to the global information highway and used computers are now available at affordable prices.


More and more Africans want to join the digital age -Learning by Ear tells you how to do it

Learning by Ear provides practical advice for everybody who wants to join the electronic world and benefit from global knowledge.
The Internet offers a gigantic, global knowledge base. Schools and universities now provide e-learning programs or even whole degrees through online learning. Online encyclopedias offer comprehensive databases with facts about the world and people are meeting in online chat rooms – across cultures and national boundaries.

Facts for those online and offline

Learning by Ear offers a wide range of shows covering computer and Internet use. They provide a window of opportunity for starters and professionals in the electronic world to expand their knowledge. With Learning by Ear, listeners can learn everything they need to know about the global information highway – from finding the right computer or cyber café to using the Internet to find friends all over the world.

Learning by Ear is available in six languages: English, Kiswahili, French, Hausa, Portuguese and Amharic. Learning by Ear is supported by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.

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