Close up - China - Coronavirus and Its Aftermath | Close up - The Current Affairs Documentary | DW | 22.06.2020
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Close up

Close up - China - Coronavirus and Its Aftermath

The Chinese government has responded to the pandemic by stepping up digital surveillance and imposing tight censorship. That has intimidated journalists and critics; some of them have even disappeared.

Watch video 28:36

Beijing has been fighting coronavirus for six months now. How has Chinese society changed during that time? China tries to portray itself as a responsible world power. It has sent teams of humanitarian workers, doctors, and tons of medical equipment to countries affected by the pandemic. But what about the millions of Chinese people who were confined to their homes for weeks or even months? How has the quarantine affected them? Can China's economy recover completely? How has the virus affected the government and the lives of the country's 1.4 billion people? How will these disruptions affect the rest of the world? Our report tells the stories of people who've been affected by these developments.