Chile: A wonder of nature | Insider tips for our DW travel guide | DW | 24.09.2013
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Travel Guide

Chile: A wonder of nature

Fantastic natural beauty and hospitable people are only two reasons why you should travel to Isabel’s home country. Above all, trekking across this diverse and breathtaking landscape is a really special experience.

The Atacama Desert in northwest Chile

The Atacama Desert in northwest Chile

Chile is a country located in South America bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

This is a journey for everyone who loves to wander, discover and admire. It is for those who are always enthusiastic and ready to pack their backpack and just take off.

This is Chile – off in the farthest corner of the world. This is my home.

There is a story that says Chile with all its extremes and contradictions only exists because when God created the earth, a little bit from everywhere was left over to play with. All of this was thrown into the southernmost part of the American continent and in this way deserts, jungles, lakes, volcanoes, the sea and all of the beautiful things to experience here could take shape.

Many people are united and live peacefully together here amidst these wonders of nature. Over the centuries people from many different origins came to Chile and each has left their mark on this land. It is still possible today to have delicious cake that tastes as if it were made by grandma, because it was baked according to a recipe handed down from ancestors. You can also drink the most superb wine from distant origins that thrive when grown in Chilean soil. The culinary diversity alone makes Chile worth the trip.

The Pacific Ocean is spectacular without comparison. The waves beat tirelessly along the shore and you can walk along for hours without seeing a soul. On the beach you will encounter enchanting wildlife such as penguins, whales, sea lions, pelicans and albatross.

A glacier in the Chilean Andes

A glacier in the Chilean Andes

Those who want to fly high will only need a few hours to reach the Andes. There you will find some of the most impressive scenery composed of volcanoes, moon landscapes, jungles and glaciers. Skiers can take advantage of modern, international ski resorts or those who seek to find the undisturbed splendor of winter can also journey to remote areas and enjoy the solitude.

Trekking with a backpack is another good way to discover Chile. The sight of entire forests of Chilean Araucaria is a worthwhile experience. Some of the trees are almost 500 years old. The fruit of these ancient trees is also very delicious and is sold as a specialty at local markets.

The smallest bird on earth: The Colibri Hummingbird

The smallest bird on earth: The Colibri Hummingbird

In the streams and small rivers that snake through the forests during your journey across the Chilean landscape you may find the Darwin frog. For this you will however need time and patience. For bird lovers there are of course many attractions. The smallest hummingbirds on earth as well as majestic condors live in Chile and will not escape the eye of attentive observers.

Last but not least are the people that live here. They are very curious, open minded toward foreigners and always very hospitable.

Welcome to Chile!

Sent in by: Isabel from Chile
Edited by: Kerstin Boljahn

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