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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron, born in 1975, is an actress with both US and South African citizenship. She is also known as a philanthropist and animal rights activist.

Formerly a ballet dancer and model, Theron made her first appearance in films in the mid-1990s with roles in "The Cider House Rules" amd "The Devil's Advocate." She won an Oscar for her performance in "Monster" and received acclaim for "North Country" and "Young Adult." After moving to Los Angeles in 1994, her Afrikaner accent initially proved to be a barrier in landing speaking roles, but she soon became a Hollywood presence. In addition to her film roles, Theron is also a philanthropist. In 2008, she became the United Nations' 10th Messenger of Peace. Theron is also an advocate for The Global Fund, an institution dedicated to fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.