Charges filed against Germany′s panda rapper Cro for throwing bottle at fan | Music | DW | 03.11.2016
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Charges filed against Germany's panda rapper Cro for throwing bottle at fan

One of Germany's most popular rappers, Cro, seriously injured a fan when throwing a water bottle into the crowd during a show. The star, who is never seen without a panda mask, reportedly didn't respond with compassion.

According to a report by Germany's "Bild" newspaper, Cro is under investigation for causing bodily harm. During a concert in August at the Loreley outdoor venue, he reportedly tossed a water bottle from the stage, asking, "Is anyone thirsty?"

The bottle struck a 35-year-old woman on the head, who was attending the show with her 10-year-old son. She fell unconscious and collapsed. Cro responded to the incident by saying, "Always catch with two hands!" He then went on with his set.

The incident can be heard in this YouTube clip at 7:20.

The women reportedly suffered a concussion and still suffers from side-effects of the injury.

Cro's film flop

Reports of the investigation come nearly one month after Cro's recent feature film, "Unsere Zeit ist jetzt" (Our time is now), flopped in Germany cinemas. The 26-year-old singer stars as himself, alongside popular German actor Til Schweiger, who plays Cro's future alter ego in the wildly convoluted story.

"It's the biggest flop we've had," Til Schweiger told German lifestyle magazine "Bunte" after the film's premiere in early October. "It would have helped if Cro had released a new album together with the film."

Since rising to fame in 2012 with his debut album "Raop," Cro has since sold some four million albums.


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