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Celebrities share election shock on social media

Kate Müser
November 9, 2016

When it came to celebrity backup, Hillary Clinton certainly had one up on Donald Trump. But that wasn't enough to secure her victory. Now stars like Katy Perry, David Mandel and J.K. Rowling are lashing out.

Donald Trump
Image: Getty Images/S. Platt

Pop star Katy Perry didn't actually go to the polls naked, as she had promised in a promotional video a while back. But the Clinton supporter did respond to Donald Trump's lead with a non-conformist statement.

Perry followed up that tweet with more along the same lines, calling her fans to "RISE UP" and proclaiming "POWER TO THE PEOPLE."

The object of the proposed revolution - the upcoming Trump administration - was implicitly clear, while David Mandel, producer of the political satire TV series "Veep," was more direct in his criticism of Tuesday's election result. Nevertheless, he admitted to one possible personal benefit of Trump's presidency.

Actor Michael Trucco from the series "How I Met Your Mother" called Trump out on his own conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, comedian Joe Bereta envisioned a scenario that could take place many years from now. How will history remember this eventful day - which, in Germany, is also the anniversary of the Kristallnacht Nazi program in 1938 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989?

Astonishment and concern from Europe

Reactions to the result of the presidential election in the United States weren't limited to North America. In the U.K., Harry Potter author J.K., a vocal opponent of Trump, engaged with Twitter users on moral issues - without directly mentioning the candidates' names.

Even in Germany, celebrities responded with shock and despair. Pop singer Tim Bendzo tweeted: "What the devil is wrong with this world?" He added a hashtag meaning "shocked."

Abdelkarim, a German-Moroccan comedian, poked a finger at Trump's stance on immigration, writing "Why are the right-wing populists celebrating? Trump comes from a family of immigrants."

#Imwithher to the end

The U.S. did not get its first female president on Tuesday, a fact that is being lamented by singers like Barbra Streisand and Sheryl Crow, both ardent Clinton supporters. 

Rapper Usher, also a vocal fan of Clinton, reacted on Facebook by posting a YouTube video of a scene from the musical "Hamilton" in which the lyrics had been changed.

"Well said Renée Elise Goldsberry and Lin-Manuel Miranda. #Imwithher #StrongerTogether," posted Usher. The video, uploaded in October during the presidential debates, shows Goldsberry and Miranda singing Clinton's praises in the song "Ten Duel Commandment."

"A public servant with tenacity, agility. Experience is not a liability," they sing.

Trump support from the Naked Cowboy and Ted Nugent

While Donald Trump did garner the majority of American votes, his support among entertainers and celebrities was conspicuously low.

One faithful fan, the Naked Cowboy - an iconic New York figure who plays the guitar on Times Square, dressed in just briefs and a cowboy hat - posted a Facebook video. "Naked Cowboy fights for Trump to the end at Times Square," is the title of the post, which shows the musician performing amidst a crowd of anti-Trump demonstrators.

Ted Nugent, a rock musician and political activist who has consistently favored Trump throughout the campaign, posted a live Facebook video of himself from the Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just prior to the election.

Nugent, who had performed at the rally, said in the video, "The energy level and the piss and vinegar and the fire and the passion and the sense of 'we the people' authority here in Grand Rapids for Donald Trump - it was palpable, inspiring and moving."


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