Carlos McConnie | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 27.01.2016
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Carlos McConnie

Carlos McConnie is a well respected TV show host in America. The desire to impact broader and more diverse audiences has led this young man to join Euromaxx at the international German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.

Carlos McConnie was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After graduating from the prestigious Robinson High School, he went on to complete his Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Communications degrees.

He has been part of some of the most successful Hispanic entertainment programs of recent times. This has made him quite well known all over Latin America and the United States thanks to co-presenting shows like: "Sabado Gigante", "Nuestra Belleza Latina", "Mira Quien Baila", "Tu Día Alegre", "Hoy" and "Escándalo TV". Previous to these he became a very popular presenter in his home country hosting for "MTV Puerto Rico" and "Flashazo VIP".

In 2013 McConnie moved from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles, California where, in addition to acting in various short films, he hosted several web-based shows. This led to his recruitment in Miami as a presenter for Univision, the leading Spanish-speaking network in the United States.

With the enthusiasm and charisma that have always distinguished him on screen, Carlos McConnie is focused on bringing a fresh and entertaining new perspective to the diversity of European culture through Euromaxx.

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