Cappucino price rankings | DW Travel | DW | 22.11.2016
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Cappucino price rankings

In its country of origin the pick-me-up tastes particularly good and its price is bearable. In Scandinavia and in Switzerland this coffee drink is no less popular but a lot more expensive.

For locals and tourists alike Cappuccino is one of the most desired coffee specialties and not just in Italy, its country of origin. But around the world the average price for this beverage can vary a lot, as the Service Partner One company found in their coffee-price index 2016.    

In Seville, Spain, you'll find the lowest European price, at 1,57 euro ($ 1,67) per cup. In Italy's Milan a cappuccino will cost you an average price of 1,65 euro. At 6,10 euro the foamed milk coffee drink in Copenhagen, Denmark comes at four times that price.  Customers also have to dig deep into their pockets in Zurich, Switzerland, (5,57 euro), Oslo, Norway, (4,84 euro) or Paris, France, (4,51 euro).

In Germany a cappuccino in Frankfurt am Main costs 3,49 euro, which is 30 percent more than the average cost Leipzig at 2,67 euro.

The cheapest cup of cappuccino worldwide, at a cost of 0,94 euro, can be found in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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