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Cannabis Cowboys: DW podcast investigates big cannabis scam

Uwe Hessler
January 17, 2023

A brazen investment scam, missing millions, Russian spies, German aristocrats, castles in Switzerland and whistleblowers — it's a perfect mess. Welcome to the world of Cannabis Cowboys.

Cannabis Cowboys Podcast Teaser

On January 19, 2023, DW launches Cannabis Cowboys, its first investigative podcast.

The eight-part true crime series is about a cannabis investment platform called JuicyFields that has affected thousands worldwide. For more than two years, the Berlin-based start-up collected huge amounts of money from from internet users, promising huge returns through investments in medicinal cannabis.

DW business reporters Andreas Becker and Nicolas Martin had an early hunch that something was wrong. Becker and Martin thought the promised rates of return were good to be true.