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Cancer and mRNA vaccines

February 5, 2021

A new approach could revolutionize cancer therapy and open the way for cancer immunization. It uses mRNA technology, like some of the new coronavirus vaccines.

Deutschland Corona-Impfstoff Gefrierschrank im Universitaetsklinikum Tuebingen
Image: ULMER Pressebildagentur/picture alliance

Some of the vaccines developed to tackle COVID-19 use mRNA technology. Research is underway to deploy it to fight cancer as well. Each patient would get a custom vaccine tailored to his or her tumor that would cause minimal damage to other cells.


DW fit & gesund | Gendermedizin
Image: DW

Gender-specific cardiology

Cardiologist Cathérine Gebhard says medical science has long ignored differences between men and women: it models diseases and therapies using data predominantly from males. She has found that stress can play an major role in heart disease in women.


DW Projekt Zukunft - Bewegung macht Töne
Image: SWR

Motion makes music

MotionComposer is interactive technology that tracks movement and turns it into sound. It lets people of all ages and almost all mental and physical capabilities express themselves and find joy. It can be used in therapy and special education.


Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show - J. Lo und Shakira
Image: Reuters/S. Stapleton

Can artificial intelligence write a hit song?

Neuroscientists have worked out that successful pop songs play with expectations and offer surprises. Does this open the way for computers to write sure-fire hits?



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