Broadcasters Promote News Freedom via Bypass Censorship website | Press Releases | DW | 19.06.2017

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Press Releases

Broadcasters Promote News Freedom via Bypass Censorship website

A group of the world’s leading international broadcasters is supporting a new website that helps internet users around the world bypass internet censorship.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [UK], the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) [US], Deutsche Welle (DW) [Germany], France Médias Monde (FMM) [France] co-sponsor the Bypass Censorship website. International news websites, along with social media and messaging channels used for accessing, sharing and engaging in the free flow of news and information online are routinely blocked by governments in many countries. Bypass Censorship provides information on how to access and download the security-conscious tools, and features guides on their use.  When governments try to block these circumvention tools, the site is updated with information to help users stay ahead of the censors and maintain access to news sites. 

“The right to seek, and impart, facts and ideas is a universal human right which many repressive governments seek to control. This website presents an incredible opportunity to provide citizens around the world with the resources they need to access a free and open internet for uncensored news and information essential to making informed decisions about their lives and communities,” said BBG CEO, John F. Lansing. 

DW’s managing director of distribution, marketing and technology, Guido Baumhauer: “This is the right time for the international broadcasters to combine their expertise. By making access to objective information easier we are working more effectively against the continued censorship by governments in so many countries.”

The broadcasters supporting the Bypass Censorship site are part of the DG7 group of media organisations which are consistent supporters of UN resolutions on media freedom and the safety of journalists. 

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