Brent Goff, Journalist | guest list | DW | 01.06.2012
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guest list

Brent Goff, Journalist

03.06.2012 Talking germany's host Peter Craven talks with Brent Goff about Agenda, America and impoverished academics.

Brent Goff was born in 1972 in Wilson, North Carolina. He grew up on a former tobacco plantation which his grandfather still ran. He became a scholarship student at a boarding school for the gifted in Durham, North Carolina.

A ten-month stay as an exchange student in Saarland awakened his interest in Germany. He returned to Germany as a Fulbright scholar and later as a journalist for CNN, before signing on as a presenter at Deutsche Welle. One reason for that was his enthusiasm for Berlin. In addition, Brent Goff teaches journalism at the Hamburg Media School as a guest lecturer. In his free time he works out under the guidance of a personal trainer in a fitness studio three times a week.

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