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Braunschweig Named 'City of Science' 2007

DW staff (jen)March 28, 2006

The German Science Foundation named Braunschweig Germany's City of Science for 2007, honoring its potential as a hub for research and development.

Braunschweig boast old houses, new ideasImage: DW

The northern German city of Braunschweig beat out competitors Aachen and Freiburg to be named City of Science 2007 by the German Science Foundation.

The honor carries 25,000 euros ($30,000) in prize money, which will in turn be increased to 3 million euros through sponsoring and non-cash payments by area organizations. Braunschweig was able to convinced the jury with a plan to improve the network between its scientific institutions, in particular its plan to involve small and midsize companies.

Braunschewieg is the second-largest city in Lower Saxony, and is near the Volkswagen headquartrs in Wolfsburg. It is considered a potential growth area for research and development.

Braunschweig Mayor Gert Hofmann said the honor "goes will with the current atmosphere of regeneration" in the town.