Black Forest – Cross-Country Skiing Heaven | DW Travel | DW | 11.02.2014
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Black Forest – Cross-Country Skiing Heaven

Through snowy woods and over broad plateaus, cross-country skiers glide over excellently prepared trails. The Black Forest lies in southwestern Germany. Its gentle hills are ideal for cross-country tours.

The highlands of the Black Forest offer Europe's largest contiguous cross-country ski network: 1200 kilometers of interconnected trails. Beginners can take courses in which they can learn the technique in a matter of hours, for instance on the panorama trail near Todtnau. Experienced skiers can choose one or several stages on the 100-kilometer long-distance trail from Schonach to Mount Belchen. In both winter and summer, holidaymakers enjoy the Black Forest as a region rich in tradition, with its combination of beautiful countryside, rustic villages and cozy guest houses.

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