BlaBlaCar buys German car-sharing agency | DW Travel | DW | 15.04.2015
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BlaBlaCar buys German car-sharing agency

The Uber company has been involved in disputes with the German authorities but agencies providing car-sharing opportunities have been growing. After a take-over there is now one new major player in Germany.

The French BlaBlaCar company has announced the take-over of its German rival, a company that runs the websites and Car owners and potential passengers can use the sites to arrange to share specific journeys by car and thereby save money.

BlaBlaCar has said it has no immediate plans to change or, but the service will be merged into one platform in the coming months. The aim is to make users familiar with the changes.

The company says it wants to introduce a more homogeneous service without borders for car sharing between Amsterdam and Zagreb and anywhere in between. The French company has also taken over the start-up Autohop which arranges car share opportunities in Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

pw/ej (afp,dpa)