Bitnation – The virtual country | Digital Culture | DW | 15.03.2016
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Digital Culture

Bitnation – The virtual country

Online activists have founded a virtual state called Bitnation. The decentralized organization is designed as an alternative to traditional states. There are no limits, and a wide range of options.

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Bitnation - The virtual country

Bitnation knows no hierarchies, is autonomous, and is based on voluntary participation. Anyone can join, contribute and offer services. The idea is based on the cryptocurrency bitcoin and the technology that produced the latter: blockchain. There are currently 1500 “citizens” worldwide. Bitnation is not without controversy, however. According to the Montevideo Convention a number of conditions must be fulfilled to be recognized as a state. They include a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the ability to enter into relations with other states. Bitnation fails to meet a number of these stipulations.

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