Best quotes of the 2014/15 Bundesliga season | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 25.05.2015
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Best quotes of the 2014/15 Bundesliga season

The 2014/15 Bundesliga season is over. There was drama from the first to the last matchday and - as always - there were some brilliant quotes from head coaches and players. We've translated the best of the best.

The season that was

"I didn't know I could kick a ball that far."
Paderborn's Moritz Stoppelkamp after his Bundesliga record goal from 83 meters out.

"It's a good decision. I hope it works in winter when it snows too."
Former Stuttgart boss Armin Veh on the arrival of free-kick spray.

"I think we've gone through all the masks now."
Jürgen Klopp after Marco Reus and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's Batman and Robin masked celebration in the derby win against Schalke.

"Papa picked up an injury. After that he said a few odd things."
Leverkusen goalkeeper Bernd Leno after his collision with teammate Kyriakos Papadopoulos.

"That was one of the clearest penalties you'll see all season. My jersey is two sizes bigger now."
Cologne defender Dominic Maroh after not being awarded a penalty despite being fouled by Berlin's Per Skjelbred.

"It was nice to not have to run up against a 15-man defensive wall with a bus on the edge of the area."
Hat-trick scorer Thomas Müller after playing Frankfurt.

Thomas Müller

Always good for a quote: the inimitable Thomas Müller from Bayern Munich

When things go wrong

"I'm a Müller without Wohlfahrt. I don't know."
Müller again, when asked whether he knew whether Franck Ribery or Bastian Schweinsteiger would be fit for the Champions League game against Porto.

"I can't listen to myself always saying the same s***."
Hamburg captain Rafael van der Vaart speaks to journalists after the 3-1 defeat to Augsburg on matchday 13

"At some point in his life, to stay in the picture, he took the wrong turn."
Jürgen Klopp on Marco Reus' driving license scandal.

"Once again, we've managed to turn a game we were in control of, into an uncontrolled one."
Eintracht Frankfurt coach Thomas Schaaf after his side lost 3-1 to Stuttgart.

Thomas Schaaf Trainer Frankfurt 16.8.2014

Ask me if you dare: Thomas Schaaf has a reputation as being a bit of a daunting interview partner

The final stretch

"I wanted to let my wife decide whether it should be Mallorca or Hamburg. But I didn't let her finish her sentence."
Bruno Labbadia after being unveiled as Hamburg's new coach.

"I won't say whether players should eat scrambled eggs or Hungarian salami. I have always eaten goulash and I could run for days. Perhaps that wasn't particulary healthy."
Hertha Berlin coach Pal Dardai about the rules he has set for his squad.

"Right now, I'm not puzzled, but I'm also not a Messiah. Or do I have sandals on?"
Stuttgart head coach Huub Stevens after the 3-2 defeat to Borussia Dortmund.

"If I'd have known, I would have revealed my departure at the start of the season."
Klopp again, on his side's return to form after he announced he would be leaving BVB at the end of the season.

"You talk about a B-team. I wouldn't like it if someone labelled me a B-type or a C-type of person."
Freiburg coach Christian Streich on which Bayern Munich team he was set to play at the end of the season.

"We will probably first realize what has happened to us, when Arjen Robben starts to run us around in circles next season."
Florian Jungwirth from promoted club Darmstadt is already looking forward to next season.

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