Berlin teacher and students among Nice victims | News | DW | 19.07.2016
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Berlin teacher and students among Nice victims

Two Berlin teens and their teacher were killed in the Nice attack, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has confirmed. The high-school students were visiting France on a class trip.

Deutschland Rosen auf dem Gelände der Paula-Fürst-Gemeinschaftsschule in Berlin

Flowers at the fence of Paula Fürst high school in Berlin

Steinmeier officially confirmed the deaths of the three German nationals, who were originally proclaimed missing after the Nice attack, in a Tuesday statement.

"Unfortunately, we now have the sad certainty in place of fear and doubts. A teacher and two of her students from Berlin have perished in the horrible attack that took place in Nice last week," the minister said.

The two 19-year-old girls had traveled to Cote d'Azur for a class trip. A 29-year old female teacher from their Paula Fürst high school acted as a their chaperone.

Christian and Muslim preachers stand together in Berlin

Deutschland Gedenkveranstaltung für Nizza im Berliner Dom

Memorial was held in the Berlin Cathedral

The Berliners lost their lives when a 31-year-old man drove a truck through a crowd in Nice during Bastille Day fireworks. The Thursday terror attack claimed 84 lives. In addition to French casualties, the authorities have so far identified victims from the US, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, Tunisia, Poland, Italy and Russia. Over 200 people were injured.

"This horrible attack shows that targets all people indiscriminately," Steinmeier said on Tuesday.

Unofficial reports of the Germans' deaths began to circulate soon after the attack. As early as Friday, local officials in Berlin announced that three people died on a school trip in Nice, but the Foreign Ministry said the people were classified as missing and that they were waiting on French authorities for more information.

The school flew their flags to half-mast, as shown on the tweet by the German B. Z. newspaper.

On Monday, students and teachers from 10 Berlin high schools gathered in the Berlin Cathedral to attend a memorial for the three young women, with Christian and Muslim preachers conducting the service.

Citizens of Berlin Arabs also laid flowers at the school, located in the upscale Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg.

Injured student to live

Another girl from the Paula Fürst high school was injured in the attack, but her injuries are not life threatening, Steinmeier said on Tuesday.

The minister offered condolences to the friends and families of the victims.

"We will not be intimidated and we will remain side by side with our European and international partners against hate, violence and terror," he said.

Just days after the massacre in France, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee wounded several on a German train in a suspected jihadist attack. The "Islamic State" claimed responsibility for the rampage.

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