Berlin: Small street made big | DW Travel | DW | 21.04.2015
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Berlin: Small street made big

In Berlin, Rüdesheimer Strasse was selected as one of Europe's 12 most beautiful streets. The European reporters for "The New York Times" were asked to pick their personal favorite streets.

Rüdesheimer Strasse is not located in a hip neighborhood. It is rather part of the affluent residential district of Wilmersdorf. The reporter highlights the street's most important asset: The area was practically left untouched by the bombing raids which destroyed most of Berlin during World War II. Many apartments built according to the English country-style aesthetic of the beginning of the 20th century were preserved. Several are located around Rüdesheimer Platz, the square where the Siegfried fountain flows, peacefully surrounded by a flower garden and ancient trees.

The journalist also mentions the wine festival which takes place there every year from May to September. The particularity of this festival is that everyone can bring his own picnic while tasting wines from the Rheingau, a wine-producing region in south Germany. That's also where the small town of Rüdesheim is located.

The festival is an attraction for many Berliners in the western part of the city. And now, thanks to "The New York Times," tourists from all over the world will be tempted to drop by as well.

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