Belgian Minister: EU Should Turn to Morocco | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 05.08.2004
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Belgian Minister: EU Should Turn to Morocco

EU needs to look at relations beyond European geographical limits; Turkey's economic role in Europe should not be ignored.

The new Belgian Europe Minister Didier Donfut, in an interview with Belgian daily La Libre Belgique , said, "The union, as a community of values, should turn towards the Mediterranean countries, especially Morocco, even if this goes beyond the historical European geographical limits."

Donfut also issued a strong plea for Turkey, saying, "To deprive ourselves of Turkey, which has its place on the international board, which has an economic role to play and which embraces two world cultures would be a grave strategic error." In December, EU heads of state and government have to decide whether or not to start talks with Ankara "without delay," a deal agreed in 2002. (

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