′Beautiful Mind′ mathematician John Nash dies in a car crash | News | DW | 24.05.2015
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'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash dies in a car crash

US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the Hollywood film "A Beautiful Mind," has been killed in a car accident in New Jersey. The Nobel laureate was travelling in taxi with his wife when it crashed into a guard rail.

The 86-year-old mathematician was heading home from New Jersey's airport after returning from Norway, where he had received the Abel Prize for his achievements.

"The taxi passengers were ejected" from the car, according to the police, which has led to speculations that Nash and his 82-year-old wife Alicia were not wearing seatbelts.

Nash, a Princeton University scholar, was awarded the Nobel Price for economics in 1994. He was living in Princeton, New Jersey.

The Nobel laureate was best known in the field of mathematics for his work in game theory. Oscar award-winning Hollywood movie, "A Beautiful Mind," is loosely based on Nash's struggle with schizophrenia.

Russell Crowe, who played the mathematician's character in the movie, wrote on Twitter Sunday that he was shocked by reports of the death of Nash and his wife.

shs/bw (AFP, dpa, Reuters)