Bavaria Expels Suspected Extremists | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 18.08.2005
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Bavaria Expels Suspected Extremists

The conservative state government of Bavaria has said it has ordered three suspected Islamic extremists to leave the country, arguing that they and the organization they allegedly belond to support terrorism. According to Bavaria's state interior ministry, the three men -- two Bosnians identified only as Izudin J. and Fatmir J. and a Moroccan, Youssef J. -- have been "missionaries" for the Jamaat al-Tablighi group in Germany for several years. The group and its supporters "have as their aim the Islamization of all of society," a ministry statement said, adding that they also have been accused of supporting terrorism. The United States has said the group, a Pakistan-based Islamic organization that describes its activities as missionary, is used to mask the activities and travel of terrorists and al Qaeda members. The three men were given until Sept. 10 to leave Germany or face deportation.

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