Barbara Schöneberger, Presenter and Singer | guest list | DW | 30.01.2013
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guest list

Barbara Schöneberger, Presenter and Singer

Our presenter Peter Craven speaks with Barbara Schöneberger about child-rearing, professional success, and eating habits.


Barbara Schöneberger has come a long way from her early beginnings as a quiz show assistant to become a popular presenter, singer, and all-around entertainer.

Barbara Schöneberger was born in the town of Gröbenzell, near Munich. She inherited her musical talent from her father, who was a professional clarinet player. She got her start in show business as a student doing odd jobs. Over her 12-year career on television she has appeared in a multitude of formats and shows, but she's best-known as a talk show presenter. Today she interviews guests on the "NDR Talk Show," one of the oldest talk shows on German television.

In her private life, Barbara Schöneberger supports charity projects for children as an ambassador for the international aid organization Terre des Hommes. The multi-talented performer has been married since 2009. Her first child was born in 2010, and four months later she was back on stage. Barbara Schöneberger lives with her family in Berlin.