August 2014: DW′s culture calendar | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 25.07.2014
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August 2014: DW's culture calendar

Even in peak vacation season, Europe's culture scene is busier than ever. August features a variety of film, theater and dance festivals. And there are a few concerts that shouldn't be missed either.

Cool cinema for hot days

As the hottest month in Europe, August isn't typically the best time to go to the movies. But two renowned international film festivals won't need to worry about filling their theaters. In Locarno, Switzerland, the #link:;jsessionid=5A2B2BC62FAD8FE10ABC3784EC146BED:Festival del film# is taking place from August 6-16. This year, 86-year-old French director Agnès Varda and 74-year-old Spanish director Victor Erice will be honored for their life's work.

In Italy, the #link: Film Festival# will open on August 27 with the film "Birdman" by Mexican director Alejandro G. Inarritu.

Arts meet industry

In the second half of the month (August 15-28), the annual #link: arts festival will present 150 events in the fields of music, theater and visual arts. The festival is under the direction of Heiner Goebbels for the last time.

Ruhrtriennale artistic director Heiner Goebbels, Copyright: Matthias Balk/dpa

Director Heiner Goebbels concludes his time at the Ruhrtriennale this year

The composer and director has been in chargeof the Ruhrtriennale since 2012. His "Surrogate Cities" cycle for orchestra will be performed in Duisburg as part of the festival.

Other well-known directors from France, Italy and Japan will present their productions as well. Ruhrtriennale is known for uniting theater with dance, visual arts and music. Its dramatic location in the midst of old factories and refineries in Germany's industrial Ruhr region is another attraction factor.

Dance in Berlin

Berlin will be getting its moves on from August 15-30 for the annual #link: im August# festival. Dance companies from 14 countries will strut their stuff, with a focus on new forms of contemporary dance.

The program shines with "a strong artistic vision and the entire breadth of contemporary dance," according to the organizers. One highlight promises to be British dance icon Michael Clark and his ensemble. The Michael Clark Company will perform "animal/vegetable/mineral" from August 12-20.

Michael Clark Company performing 'animal/vegetable/mineral', Copyright: Hugo Glendinning

The Michael Clark Company's performance of 'animal/vegetable/mineral' will be a highlight of the Ruhrtriennale

175 years of photography

August 19 marks a special kind of anniversary: On that day 175 years ago, the invention of photography was made known in Paris. When French inventors Nicéphore Niépce and Louis Daguerre and Englishman William Fox Talbot developed the new medium nearly two centuries ago, no one could have guessed what an enduring impact their work would have.

Today, anyone with a mobile phone can be a photographer. Over the years, the medium has constantly evolved. The introduction of color was certainly one of the most significant steps along the way. Pictured below is an early example of color photography.

The 175th anniversary of photography will be celebrated with numerous events. In September, the #link: photography fair in Cologne will serve as a forum for amateurs and professionals in the field.

Man and woman sitting at a table on the grass, early example of color photography, Copyright: Bildarchiv Koshofer

The advent of color was a turning point for photography

Pop, rock and more

#link: pop#, taking place in Cologne from August 20-24, is in its 10th year already. The annual festival features German and European bands and musicians. On the program this year is the legendary German rock band Ton Steine Scherben, which is back on tour after a long hiatus. Electronic pop group Vimes and German rapper Weekend are also names to watch for.

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