Augsburg | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 01.08.2011
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FC Augsburg are making their top-flight debut this season.


FC Augsburg logo

The rise of Augsburg to the first division is the crowning of a decade-long project. Back in 2001, the club was still playing in the Bavarian state league and few fans had ever dreamed of hosting the likes of Bayern and Schalke, aside from the lucky cup tie here or there. That was before Walther Seinisch. The clothing magnate was determined to make something of FCA, and at long last he's done it.

With an inexpensive squad of top-flight cast-offs and retreads like goalkeeper Simon Jentzsch and striker Nando Rafael - not to mention well-traveled coach Jos Luhukay - Augsburg will not be overawed by their opponents. All the same, they may have a hard time beating them.

Fun fact: Augsburg's club badge is dominated by a pine cone, a symbol associated with the city since the Middle Ages.

Author: Matt Hermann
Editor: Nicole Goebel