At least one killed after shooting reported in Düren, western Germany | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 18.10.2016
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At least one killed after shooting reported in Düren, western Germany

At least one man has died after shots were fired at a hairdresser's in Düren in western Germany. One other person was seriously injured.

Deutschland Beamter Spezialeinsatzkommando (picture-alliance/dpa/F. Rumpenhorst)

A file image showing a German SEK officer

A man was shot dead in a hairdresser's salon in Düren on Tuesday, police said. Security forces entered the building after reports of gunfire, a police spokeswoman told reporters. The area was secured and a special commando sent in to defuse the situation.

Inside the salon, police officers found a seriously injured man and a woman. They were able to save the woman, but the man died from his injuries shortly after. It was still unclear whether the incident was the result of a relationship problem. Police said a homicide team would investigate the shooting.

Police had secured parts of the Düren city center earlier on Tuesday after a shot was heard in the hairdresser's salon. A reporter from the local newspaper tweeted a message.

According to local newspapers, the "Aachener Nachrichten" and the "Dürener Zeitung," the man fired a gunshot at 14:45 CET and may have taken hostages.

mg/se (dpa, Reuters, AFP)