Arts.21 - Meet the artist: Choreographer Sasha Waltz | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 15.09.2018
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Arts.21 - Meet the artist: Choreographer Sasha Waltz

She knows what she wants: Dance that gets under your skin. For 25 years, Sasha Waltz and her company have repeatedly reinvented the genre, to international acclaim. Step softly? Not a chance! Meet the choreographer.

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Sasha Waltz isn't just the most successful and well-known contemporary German choreographer; she's also the most versatile. She and her company have reinvigorated modern dance. She has choreographed operas and explored buildings with dance. If that's not enough, Waltz will co-direct Berlin's Staatsballet starting in 2019. Her goal: Connect experimental theater with classical ballet.

Sasha Waltz (picture-alliance/dpa/G. Fischer)

Rehearsal of EXODOS

We meet Sasha Waltz at Radialsystem V, where her company has been based since 2009. We ask her how she plans to strike the right balance between classical ballet and contemporary dance at the Staatsballet,  how she's dealing with letting others take over the running of her dance company, and how she manages to combine rehearsals and touring with family life.